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​Photo by  Rogan Yeoh

An artist duo comprised of  Rick Yamakawa and  Yuko Takeda. 

Through the creation and presentation of the works, Transfield Studio continues to consider "How can we be together?”. It is also an exploration of how close we can get to the basic premise of the post-modern city, which everyone agrees is that "we live by gathering together" and "we live by sharing limited resources," with a real understanding of this premise through our own bodies. For this reason, we conduct fieldwork in the actual cities where we create our works. Touring performance is the core of our creative practice, and we value the audience's experience of the city through their own bodies.

We started our work in 2018 by researching Phnom Penh (Cambodia). In 2019 we researched Manila (Philippine), Vientiane (Laos), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and Tokyo (Japan). In 2022, we stayed Singapore for 2 month as a resident artist.

​Transfield Studio

Yuko Takeda

Performing arts producer. Public Relations (2016) and Production Coordinator (2017-19) for Festival/Tokyo. Since 2017, curated, invited, and co-produced the “Asia Series” programs for the festival. Through these experiences, deepen exchanges with Asian artists and producers. Worked at West Kowloon Cultural District (Hong Kong) as a fellowship of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan (2020-2021). Now works as a chef production coordinator for “Tokyo Festival 2022 FT label”. Take an interest in creative works that transcend all borders and genres.

Rick Yamakawa

Artist. In various forms, he works on designing situations in which people think together . Solo activities : the participatory performance "Rotary" (2023) and "Ichiro Furutachi-Gokko" (2018). Senography works :  "Whenever Wherever Festival" (2018-2021, co-designed by Toshikatsu Kiuchi), Shinbun-ka "Okujo-Teien" and "Food Court" (2019). Other projects : Program Manager for the Learning Collective "RAU (Reciprocal units within Art and Urbanism)" (2020-), and SNZ, a group that operates a consultation center (2021-). Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Architecture. Representative of first-class architect office Yamakawariku Architects.


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