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Esplanadeによる“Contemporary Performing Arts Research Residency”のレジデントアーティストとして選出。2ヶ月の滞在を通して、シンガポールの水についてフィールドワークを行った。滞在期間の最後に、PublicProgramとしてリサーチの内容をシンガポールの観客に向けてシェアした。

Selected as a resident artist for the "Contemporary Performing Arts Research Residency" presented by Esplanade. We did fieldwork about Singapore's water throughout the 2-month stay. At the end of the residency, we shared our research with Singapore audiences as lecture performance for Public Program.
In September, the performance based on this content will be held in Tokyo. By presenting the water in Singapore and Tokyo, where the human imagination and execution that has taken place on the city scale appears in a different form, we aim to encourage the audience to capture that large scale imagination with their own bodies.
In the Public Program, we mentioned our research on water in Tokyo as well as our research in Singapore, and shared about the structure of our planned performance in Tokyo.

Contemporary Performing Arts Research Residency

Research City: Singapore

23 April ~ 8 July 2022

Venue: Annex Studio, Esplanade Theatres on the Bay

Artist in residence

助成: National Arts Council Singapore

Supported by National Arts Council Singapore
Presented by Esplanade

Photo by Transfield Studio


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