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---As a "landscape" is only possible by "seeing" a "scene," the gaze precedes everything else. Through the exchange and sharing of what you see, the surrounding environment is understood. While fieldwork originally emphasizes the discovery and redefinition of the local context, this work will focus on the gaze of the audiences themselves and the rewriting of those gaze discovered through fieldwork, and consider the performative nature of fieldwork itself.

In regional theater festivals, especially focusing on performing arts, the consciousness of the participants tends to go inside the theater, and the experience of the region that exists before and after the theater tends to be reduced. It is also difficult to reach a deep understanding of the land, as works that use the land as their subject are also likely to consume the land in a one-sided way. Using a fieldwork-style performance, we will work with participants to create a time and space in which they can encounter a context that is particularly difficult to see in the land where the festival is held, but that is closely connected to the origins of the city.

As we move from the starting point to the end point, we start with a lecture about the land, and then work on drawing a map using the body as a ruler in a short distance back and forth at the back of the theater - a place that celebrates the history of the land that is neglected in the back of the city, as its location suggests. The series of fieldwork ends with a final look at the important places with the bodies that have been changed by the physical learning. The way back will be left to each participant, but the experience of drawing the map and the landscape that will become visible as a result will be unique to this place, and will be something to remember when heading to other places.
After the festival, the maps created by the participants for each performance were displayed as an archive for sharing the experience.

三度、参る/ Sand mile

Research City: Toyooka (Hyogo, Japan)

16~22 Sep, 2020

Location: Street of Toyooka (Hyogo, Japan)

Tour Performance


Navigator:Rick Yamakawa
Presented at Toyooka Theater Festival 2020 Fringe
Co-organized by Toyooka Theater Festival Committee
Presented by Transfield Studio

Photo by Hayato Itakura


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