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--The majority of the city was occupied by "passageways" that people just passed through. In Tokyo, the culture of a square where people just gathered did not take root. The culture of the "streets" is no longer seen and we can only pass through public space.

Based on research in four Asian cities, we conducted a study performance in Ikebukuro (Japan) with the aim of becoming a place for people to gather and spend time in the city, practicing and learning. Participants choose one of four routes (about 500 meters per lap) and do three laps of the route with a “caretaker“ moving with a mobile sandbox, and during the three laps, a lecture, workshop and fieldwork were conducted by the “caretaker“ with his or her own methodology and vision. Eight artists from different genres were in charge of conducting as ”caretaker” of the event, and the program was wide-ranging, including a photographer's work to match snaps on the route with actual landscapes, an improvisation workshop by dancers to create choreography in response to shapes such as telephone poles in the city, a lecture by an architect on research methods based on the study of modern social phenomena, a multilingual communication experience by an interpreter, and fieldwork by an artist while exchanging audio with Manila's online broadcast.

At the same time, we created a map of four routes in Ikebukuro with text that helps us interpret the city from a unique point of view, and postcards (128 leafs) with snaps of the cities we researched, creating an experience that allows participants to think beyond the city in various ways.

Sand (a)isles

Research Cities: Manila(Phillipine), Vientine(Laos), Kuala Lumpur(Malyasia), Tokyo(Japan)

28 Oct ~ 10 Nov, 2019

Aルート としまエコミューゼタウン 南側地区広場
Bルート シアターグリーン BIG TREE THEATER
Cルート 池袋駅西口モザイカルチャー 「えんちゃん」前
Dルート IKE・Biz(としま産業振興プラザ)前 
Location: Streets of Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Tour Performance

ケアテイカー:Aokid、福岡里砂、小林千尋、三野新、Ness Roque-Lumbres、白井愛咲、平良恵、JK・Anicoche

Caretakers (Navigators):Aokid, Risa Fukuoka, Chihiro Kobayashi, Arata Mino, Ness Roque-Lumbres, Aisa Shirai, Kei Taira, JK Anicoche
Co-organized by the Japan Foundation Asia Center
Presented by Festival/Tokyo 2019

Photo by Alloposide


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